Aviator Game Online for Real Money by Spribe

Welcome to the world of Aviator Spribe gaming - adventure crash games in the sky. Experience the thrill of flying and the chances of landing massive cash prizes while staying on the ground. Exciting air racing odds of up to x100 are waiting for you! Hurry to victory in the Aviator game!

Aviator game - crash game in the sky

What is the Aviator Game?

Yellowbrick-Tracker experts confirm that the Aviator betting game splashed the iGaming market, changing the industry forever. The innovative crash game mechanic has gained popularity in India due to the simplicity of the gameplay, the absence of special rules, the presence of various gaming tools, and the chance to earn huge sums of money in just a few minutes.

Aviator online game is a crash game in which the game's essence is the aircraft's flight and the winning odds. You will not find reels or symbols familiar to slots, pay lines, or free spins in the game. Here, the player must place a bet and wait for the plane to take off to a sufficient height, measured by the bet multiplier. Starting from x1, the coefficient increases to infinity and stops at the moment when the plane flies off the screen. If the user does not withdraw the earned money before this moment, he will lose the bet amount.

Aviator game main screen

Thus, Aviator real money game stands out among other entertainment by the simplicity of the gameplay, does not require special knowledge in the field of money games, and increases the overall excitement by the fear of losing potential winnings in case of untimely withdrawal of funds.






PC, phones, tablets


UKGC 57302

Developer URL


Currency support


Minimum bet


Maximum bet

8 000 INR

An object




Type of game


The color spectrum



Android, iOS

How to Play Aviator in India?

The principle of the Aviator game online is to place a bet on the flight of an aircraft and withdraw money in time before the aircraft is out of sight. During its flight, the multiplier increases and can reach gigantic proportions. The bet will be lost if the player does not have time to withdraw the money.

Rules of Aviator game

The algorithm of actions in the game is as follows:

  1. Immediately after logging into the account, the user replenishes the account using the tools of the Cashier section.

  2. The player launches Aviator by Spribe on the selected casino site and starts playing.

  3. An airplane flies on the screen, where the bet multiplier is placed, increasing very quickly.

  4. The player chooses the size of the bet using the control panel under the flight schedule of the aircraft.

  5. You can set the automatic withdrawal of money when a particular ratio is reached on the Auto tab.

  6. The player confirms his participation in the next round by pressing the Bet key.

  7. The multiplier increases as long as the plane continues to fly and the player presses Cash Out to withdraw money before the plane leaves.

Above the flight schedule is a list of past game coefficients, allowing you to predict the following possible outcomes. The winnings are paid according to the formula: Bet * Multiplier under the plane = Profit.

Aviator Game Functionality

For players to quickly understand the functionality of the Aviator casino game, we have compiled a list of the main tools:

  • Bet - the key is used to determine the size of the bet. Use the + and - keys to increase or decrease the bet.

  • Cash Out - a button for withdrawing the money won until the plane remains in flight.

  • Auto Play - the key is used to program the number of automatic games and set limits for money losses or winnings.

  • Automatic withdrawal of money - this tool allows you to withdraw money at a time when the multiplier has reached the set mark.

  • Statistics - the service is used to get acquainted with the past results of the game in real-time, where the player can see the past multipliers and the number of participants in the round.

  • Top Winners - The game component lets you see the winners and their winnings.

  • Online chat - allows players to exchange messages and discuss progress.

Buttons of Aviator game

Aviator Game Algorithm by Spribe

The Aviator money game uses Provably Fair technology algorithms. The principle of its operation is to create a seed value (16-digit code) by the participants in the game-play before it starts. Then all the seeds are hashed, and the resulting hashes are used to determine the game's outcome.

This cryptographic technology allows players to check the rounds' results and ensure that the game process is reliable and fair. After the round, players can compare seeds and hashes to see if the results are random.

How to Win in Aviator Game: Strategy & Tips

Aviator is a simple game that does not require any special experience in the gambling industry. But if you want to win a large amount of money, players still need to pay attention to strategy. It will not provide you with a 100% guarantee of winning but will allow you to reduce costs and develop betting tactics to maximize winnings.

Winning strategies  in Aviator game

Next, we will talk about the main strategies for the Aviator casino game. But remember that gambling is addictive. If you feel the symptoms of gambling addiction, immediately write to the online casino support service. Consultants will offer you contacts of specialized establishments to help addicts.

Single Bet Strategies

One of the easiest and less risky strategies is the Aviator real money game, which is suitable for cautious players. Newcomers increasingly use it in the iGaming industry and have no experience in the gambling world. This strategy includes:

  1. Automatic play with a bet of x1.5 is a simple solution for beginners in the gambling industry, which allows you to earn money without any problems using automatic withdrawal.

Automatic bet on the Auto tab on the control panel allows you to fix the amount of bet you need and constantly repeat it. You only need to click the Cash-out button to collect the money before the aircraft is out of sight.

Another component of the strategy is the automatic withdrawal of money. It allows you to withdraw funds at initially prepared coefficients. The player does not need to watch the plane and withdraw winnings in time. Instead, he will set the size of the multiplier coefficient, after which the money will be withdrawn automatically. To do this, use the same tab Auto. So we got to the essence of the strategy. It consists of automatic betting on x1.5 odds. Players make minimum bets with cashout after reaching this bar, no matter how high the plane flies. This allows you to earn 50% of the profit and gradually increases the bankroll.

  1. Doubling strategy - a more risky version of the game, where the user makes bets of different sizes at will, but up to a factor of x2. This strategy requires a larger bankroll than the previous one but offers a more impressive win of 100% of the bet amount. To use it, you must study past rounds' statistics to understand how often the plane reached the x2 mark.

  2. Strategy for risky players - it is based on monitoring the drop of the x100 multiplier, which appears every 1-1.5 hours. As soon as you wait for x100 to appear, you time an hour, and after that, you start placing large bets with a reliable catch of a large multiplier.

Multi Bet Strategies

Ordinary players from India often use this strategy for Aviator online games. Its essence lies in double bets in a ratio of 2:1. This is easier to understand with an example: if a player places one bet of 50 rupees, then the second bet must be 100 rupees.

As you understand, the principle of this strategy is to cover the losses of the first bet. The player needs to cash out when the coefficient x1.5 is reached, which, with a bet of 100 rupees, will bring 150 rupees and block the first bet.

There is also an x1.5 + x2 strategy. In this case, we repeat the previous strategy, setting the first automatic bet of 100 rupees with an auto-cashout at x1.5. We put the second bet for an x2 multiplier with a price of 50 rupees. However, before the start of the game, you need to check the statistics. Use this strategy only after 6 past results less than x2.

Attention! You should not try to hit a huge jackpot with an impressive multiplier when choosing this strategy. When the plane reaches the x10 mark, the player must withdraw money.

The strategy must be repeated after a while when statistics with 6 multipliers below x2 appear again.

Martingale Strategy

Probably one of the most common strategies for the Aviator game online for Indian players. It requires looking at the statistics of the last 100 games and looking for the largest multiplier where the plane was still flying half the time. Then the player's tactic is to double the bet in case of a loss.

Next, the player must place a small bet to save the bankroll because this strategy is designed for a long gaming session. For example, you bet 3 rupees on a session of 9 games and get the required bankroll: 3+6+12+24+48+96+192+384+768=1533 rupees. Therefore, with a small budget, it is better to start betting with 10-50 paise.

The following diagram is simple:

  1. Wait for the coefficient of your choice to appear.

  2. Double down when you lose.

  3. Return to your original bet if you win.

D'Alembert System

Players from India can also use the strategy of the French philosopher and mathematician D'Albert for the Aviator game. It is based on the theory that every failure brings real profits closer. Therefore, the player needs to increase the bet with each loss and reduce it with a win.

For example, you have a bankroll of 20,000 rupees. You bet 1,000 rupees at odds of 2.0. If you lose, increase it by the original amount and bet 2,000. The successive defeat requires an increase in the bet by the same 1,000, which means 3,000 rupees per turn and does not bring a win. Then we bet 4,000 and won, getting 8,000 rupees. We reduce the next bet by 1,000 and bet by 3,000 rupees. We win again.

It turns out that we bet 1,000 + 2,000 + 3,000 + 4,000 + 3,000 = 13,000. And we won 8,000 + 6,000 = 14,000.

Where to Play Aviator Game Online?

To successfully play an Aviator betting game, the player needs to choose the right online casino. You can use reliable sources like our rating or check the main criteria yourself to do this. When selecting the best online casinos in India, our experts study the following characteristics of sites:

  • Availability of an online casino license

  • Market reputation and history

  • Certificates of independent laboratories

  • Security of player data and money transfers

  • Availability of the game Aviator to play in Indian rupees

  • Access to popular payment systems in India

  • Availability of English interface or Hindi

  • Bonus potential and site promotions

  • Mobile version for playing from phones and tablets

These are the main criteria to consider when looking for a suitable casino to play Aviator real money.

Glory Casino

Launched in 2019, Glory Casino is licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission, which allows players to not worry about the legality and safety of the site. In addition to the presence of the Aviator game, the advantages of the site include:

  • Lots of bonuses, including welcome, free spins, cashback, and temporary bonuses

  • VIP Loyalty Program Privileges

  • Access to the casino and live casino games, V-Sports, and tournaments

  • Large selection of payment systems, including top ones in India: PayTM, Visa, MasterCard, PhonePe

To start playing the Aviator game, players need to visit the official website of Glory Casino.

Logo of Glory casino with bonuses


The young WinDaddy casino site of 2020 originally offered betting services. But soon, Aviator by Spribe Gaming and other online casino games appeared on the site. Today, the advantages of playing on this site are:

  • Official activity licensed by Curacao

  • Support for INR without paying conversion fees

  • Deposit bonus, welcome bonus

  • A huge list of payment systems, including UPI, PayTM, PhonePE

  • Ability to bet on sporting events

  • Games with live dealers

  • Convenient mobile site and the ability to download a mobile application

To start playing Aviator Spribe Gaming, you need to go down to the middle of the site lobby, and in the WinDaddy casino games section, the arcade is placed in the first place.

logo of Fresh casino with bonuses


Launched in 2018, Fresh casino, under the leadership of Bets Entertainment Technologies, has won the players' trust with its official activities in India. The site has a Curacao license and offers 1,000 honest slot machines, among which you can find the Aviator betting game. Other benefits of the site are:

  • Welcome package of 4 bonuses up to Rs 4,000, deposit-free spins, VIP birthday bonuses up to Rs 50,000, and deposit incentives

  • Legal activity in India under license from Curacao

  • Mobile application for Android or iOS

  • Gambling casinos, V-Sport, and sports betting sites

  • The huge progressive jackpot for Indian players

To start playing Aviator betting on this site, log in to your account and visit the game room. The game is hosted on the Instant Games tab in Fresh casino.

 Logo of fresh casino with bonuses


Leon casino has been known to the gambling community since 2007. But a safe online establishment with a Curacao license in India, began accepting players in 2018. Today this site offers more than 4,000 real money games, including Aviator online game and such features:

  • Welcome bonus, cashback, loyalty program, free spins, various draws

  • Online casino games and sports betting

  • 128-bit SSL encryption of personal information, which guarantees the protection of data and transactions

  • Huge range of gambling games

  • Simple and fast registration from a PC, mobile site, or app

To use the Aviator online game, you need to visit the section of the Leon casino official website called Instant Win.

 Logo of Leon casino with bonuses


The mega-popular 4rabet casino has long been used by Indian players who prefer to play through an Android or iOS app. The site was created in 2018 and is equipped with licensed documentation from the government of Curacao. The site is available to play on the rupee in the Aviator game and other benefits:

  • Access to popular payment systems in India, including Visa, PayTM, ecoPayz, UPI, etc.

  • Welcome bonus package, monthly cashback, reload bonuses

  • Many tournaments and various promotions for connoisseurs of online casinos

  • Availability of site interface in Hindi, English, and other languages

  • Live dealer and jackpot games

To go to the Aviator game, players from India need to go through a quick registration at 4rabet casino and select this arcade game on the Top Sections slider.

 Logo of 4rabet casino with bonuses


The gambling site Bluechip casino was launched in 2022 and is rapidly gaining popularity in India, offering legal entertainment for money under the license of the island of Curacao. The platform provides an exclusively English interface and access to the game Aviator by Spribe Gaming. You can also find the following features on the site:

  • Massive selection of cryptocurrencies and other fiat payment systems

  • Mobile offer for Android, iOS, and Mac OS

  • Sportsbook on-site and games with live dealers

  • Bonuses and promotions for active VIP players

  • Four welcome bonuses, additional deposit chips, bonus chests, crypto bonuses, cashback

You won't have to search long for Aviator Spribe Gaming on this site because it's listed under the Bluechip casino Top Games category.

 Logo of Bluechip casino with bonuses


GGbet has been offering Indian bettors to wager and play for real money in Rupees since 2016. This platform guarantees the player's safety because it meets international standards and operates under a license from the government of Curacao. The site has the Aviator betting game, as well as the following benefits:

  • Wide range of entertainment, including sports and eSports betting, casino games, and live casino

  • Convenient and intuitive site with good gambling filtering

  • Fast support by phone, email, and live chat

  • Large selection of payment services, including popular versions of cryptocurrency

  • Welcome bonus for newbies of 350% of the amount of the first few deposits

To use the Aviator betting game, the player needs to register with GGbet and visit the Insta Games section in the lobby of the official website.

 Logo of GGBet casino with bonuses


Realm Entertainment Limited launched Bets10 in 2012 and operates under the rules of the Malta Gaming Commission. The establishment offers an impressive library of gambling games, including the Aviator online game. Players from India also need to be aware of the following benefits of the service:

  • Instant browser mobile version

  • Availability of round-the-clock player support

  • Secure transactions with SSL encryption technology, as well as TST laboratory certificates

  • Progressive jackpots, virtual sports, live dealer games

  • Welcome bonus for new players

Be sure to check out the Bets10 Popular tab, where not only the best games are available but also the Aviator online game.

 Logo of Bets10 casino with bonuses


Established in 2017, MobilBahis Casino is a complete entertainment center with gambling, sports betting, a poker room, virtual sports, live casino games, and arcade games like the Aviator game. This service is based on the documentation of the Maltese government and guarantees the following benefits:

  • High withdrawal limits

  • An impressive list of software providers

  • Stylish and modern site with easy navigation

  • First deposit bonus for newbies

  • Large selection of payment services on the site

Take advantage of the Aviator game in the special Crash section in the lobby of the Casino tab on the MobilBahis website.

 Logo of MobilBahis casino with bonuses


The gambling site AmunRa will please players from India not only with its spectacular site design but also with a high level of security. It is part of the network of the well-known operator N1 Interactive Ltd, operating under a license from Malta. The site offers a wide range of gambling games, including Aviator by Spribe Gaming, as well as the following advantages:

  • A convenient site for portable devices and computer

  • Live chat to communicate with operators 24/7

  • A wide range of bonuses, including a welcome package, cashback, deposit bonuses, live cashback, free spins, and VIP privileges

  • Some games will bring particular gambling sensations because they are equipped with a jackpot

  • There is exclusive entertainment that you rarely find on other gambling sites

If you plan to play Aviator Spribe Gaming, log in to your account and look at the horizontal in-game menu. Look for the game on the AmunRa website in the Arcade section.

 Logo of AmunRa  casino with bonuses


A whole world of carnival and gangster romance is offered by 5Gringos casino, where you will see the unique design of the official website along with funny animated characters and gangsters. The platform has been operating since 2020 and offers safe entertainment with a Curacao license, including the Aviator online game. Other benefits of the site include:

  • An impressive list of software providers popular in India and the world

  • Fiat and digital money welcome bonuses, free spins, deposit bonuses, heist extra money, duck hunting bonus, live cashback, and weekly cashback

  • Convenient instant mobile version with identical design

  • Wide selection of gambling games, including classic and innovative slot models

  • Choice of fiat payment systems or cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals

Open the Arcade category using the in-game menu below the 5Gringos bonus banner. An Aviator online game for Indians is posted there.

 Logo of 5Gringos casino with bonuses


Representative of the network of successful online casinos of the company Rabidi N.V. The Sportaza gambling site will allow players to place sports bets and play their favorite games of chance, including the Aviator casino game. The 2021 site officially operates, offering secure games for money under the Curacao license. The benefits of the service include:

  • Home for top providers with a worldwide reputation

  • Profitable welcome bonus, cashback, reload bonuses, live cashback, free spins, weekly cashback

  • The large variety of financial instruments, as well as a cryptocurrency-friendly website

  • Shop of bonuses and gifts, tournaments, and other draws on the site

  • Availability of English and Hindi on the official website

To start playing the Aviator casino game, go through a quick registration. Then visit the Casino section of the Sportaza website and go to Arcade Games on the menu on the left side.

 Logo of Sportaza casino with bonuses


The BetWinner website initially provided bookmaker services, operating since 2007. Today, the platform offers players from India gambling online casinos licensed by Curacao, which speaks of honesty, reliability, and security. The set of games includes the Aviator game, and the other advantages of the club look like this:

  • Low minimum deposit of INR 55

  • An impressive selection of popular payment systems, including UPI, IMPS, PayTM, PhonePE, and more

  • A wide range of bonus offers, including a welcome package, first deposit bonus, birthday bonus, reload bonuses, cashback, VIP privileges, and other gifts

  • Quick withdrawal of winnings within 0-1 hour

  • Mobile adaptive version with a simple interface

To play the Aviator game, players must visit the Crash section on the dedicated game category scale from BetWinner Casino.

 Logo of BetWinner casino with bonuses


The international bookmaker 1win is enjoying unprecedented demand in India, offering over 6,000 games of chance. Since 2016, the gambling provider has been officially operating under the license of the island of Curacao, allows you to play Aviator by Spribe, and has a lot of advantages:

  • Invites players to play with Indian Rupees

  • Equipped with a generous bonus system with a welcome bonus, free spins, a loyalty program, deposit bonuses, and more

  • An impressive amount of the progressive jackpot is played on the site

  • The minimalistic design and easy navigation on the official site

  • Mobile version and apps for Android and iOS with Hindi support

To use Aviator by Spribe, the player should go to the Casino section. There is a list of 1win categories in the lobby where players will select Instant Games.

 Logo of 1win casino with bonuses


The popular bookmaker 1xbet also provides access to online casino gambling, available for real money and for free. Today, the site offers an excellent gambling experience to over 120,000 users under license from the government of Curacao. The set of games includes the Aviator real money game and the following advantages of the 2007 establishment:

  • Access to account replenishment and withdrawal using UPI, Visa, MasterCard, PayTM, and other services convenient for Indians.

  • Gamblers can bet on sports, play online casinos and TV games, and bet on e-sports, bingo, and other entertainment.

  • The site accepts the Indian rupee and has a Hindi interface.

  • The gambling house includes more than 100 proven and popular providers, which indicates the overall quality of gambling.

  • Fans of gambling receive bonuses for registration. There is a promo code store, reload bonuses on weekdays, cashback, tournaments, and draws from top software manufacturers.

Thanks to the convenient game menu to the left of the 1xbet gaming room, you can quickly find the Aviator real money game in the Crash section.

 Logo of 1xbet casino with bonuses


One of the most experienced online casinos of 2006 is Betway. This establishment is equipped with two licenses: Malta and the UK. This confirms that it is safe to play for money in this establishment in the Aviator game and other top entertainment for the Indian rupee. Here is a list of the site's pros:

  • Welcome bonus for newbies, prize wheel, daily offers, live casino rewards, happy hours, and more

  • Certificates of well-known auditors IBAS and eCOGRA, SSL encryption on the site

  • Exclusive VIP program for loyal players

  • Site optimization for mobile devices of Indian players

  • Decent choice of payment methods for Indian users

The coveted Aviator game is housed in the Instant Win folder, allowing players to quickly search for their favorite arcade game on the Betway website.

 Logo of Betway casino with bonuses


Lottoland is one of India's most sought-after virtual gambling sites, launched in 2013. The site has earned a good reputation as a safe platform for entertainment for money with a license from Malta. The online casino also invites Indians to play Aviator online game for Rs and can provide the following benefits:

  • Free spins for registration and minimum deposit, tournaments with large prize pools

  • Ability to request an RNG certificate for any game within 7 days

  • Quick registration and ability to log in with Facebook

  • An impressive amount of maximum withdrawal

  • Fast processing of documents for account verification in a few hours

Enjoy Aviator online game on the site using the Instant Win tab. It is placed on the horizontal gaming menu of the Lottoland casino.

 Logo of Lottoland  casino with bonuses


In 2006, the world-famous bookmaker Mostbet appeared, which today is the preferred place for gambling for Indians. She specializes in games for Indian rupees, offering the Aviator casino game and other crash games. The online casino does not pose a danger to your money or information because it works based on the documents of the Curacao gambling commission. Here are the benefits of the service:

  • Welcome bonus on the first few deposits with free spins, no deposit sign-up bonus

  • A wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including Google Pay, PayTM, Visa, UPI, MasterCard, PhonePe

  • A good selection of jackpot games and live games on site

  • Betting on esports, poker room, and slots with the purchase of a bonus

  • The intuitive website for PC and mobile devices

To go to the game in the Aviator casino game, the user does not even need to visit the internal sections. The game is fixed on the main menu of Mostbet casino.

 Logo of Mostbet casino with bonuses


The legal bookmaker Parimatch attracts connoisseurs of cricket betting and allows you to play top gambling games. Operating under license from the island of Curacao, the company offers a variety of crash games, including the Aviator real money game. To start the game, you only need to make a minimum deposit of 200 rupees, which will also open the following benefits of the 1994 club:

  • Convenient application for mobile games from Android or iOS phones and tablets

  • Welcome bonus for different types of gambling on the site, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and crash game tournaments

  • Availability of games with live dealers and TV games, as well as virtual sports

  • Easy registration and login, identical for mobile and desktop versions

  • Fast support service in English

To access the Aviator real money game, the player only needs to enter the site and find the main menu. At the top of Parimatch is the Instant Games tab.

 Logo of Parimatch casino with bonuses

Pin Up

In 2016, the Pin Up online casino appeared on the iGaming market, where a bookmaker's office for sports betting was added a little later. The site accepts Indian rupees and operates under a Curacao license, guaranteeing your data's safety and the gameplay's safety in the Aviator casino game or other games. Club benefits include:

  • The size of minimum deposit to start playing for money is only 100 rupees

  • Welcome bonus, weekly cashback, loyalty program, birthday bonuses, win-win lottery, gift box, free spins

  • The stylish design of the official website and user-friendly interface, even for beginners

  • Access to sports betting, eSports betting, virtual sports

  • Convenient sorting of gambling by types, features, bonuses, and topics

The Aviator casino game is in the Crash section, pinned to the Pin Up main menu right below the slider.

 Logo of Pin Up casino with bonuses

Aviator Game APK

Unfortunately, gamblers from India cannot find the Aviator app in the Play Market or App Store. You can also not download the Aviator game on selected online casino sites. This is due to the lack of a separate program to run this game.

However, gamers can play for Aviator money in an app at certain gambling establishments that offer a downloadable version for portable devices based on Android or iOS operating systems. We are talking about such establishments as 1win, Mostbet, 4rabet, etc.

 Logo of Aviator Game APK casino with bonuses

In addition, you can play the Aviator game without apk downloading from your phone directly in the browser. All online casinos we present offer an adaptive version of the site to run in browsers with HTML5 support. For example, the following online casinos do not provide downloading an application for playing for money: GGbet casino, Sportaza casino, and 5Gringos casino.

Promotions & Bonuses for Aviator Game

After choosing the online casino you are interested in with Aviator game online, do not forget to check the bonuses. Any portal offer from our list will help you save real money for the game and allow you to bet more than you can afford. In the best online casinos in India, you can find the following types of bonuses:

Type of bonus


Online casino

Welcome bonus

Bonus for new players on the site. May include several offers to increase the first 1-10 deposits by 50-200% of the amount, as well as free spins for slots

Glory Casino

Bluechip 5Gringos


Deposit bonus

Any bonus that requires a minimum deposit to activate it: regular bonuses, deposit free spins, etc.





Bonus for registration

Registration reward, presented in the form of a percentage bonus from the amount of the first deposit or a certain number of free spins

Fresh Leon




No deposit bonus

This gift is issued without the need to make a deposit. The bonus is more often awarded to newcomers for registering and verifying contacts



Referral bonus

Invited friend bonus, which allows you to receive a no-deposit bonus when a friend deposits an account


Cashback bonus

Return of part of the lost money per day, week, or month, depending on the amount of total costs and expressed as a percentage, for example, 1-50% of the amount of monetary losses


1xbet Pin Up


Bonuses of casinos

Aviator Payment Methods in India

Players need to choose only reliable payment systems to play safely for real money in the Aviator online game. The above top online casinos offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, including:

  • PayTM enjoys wide popularity among gamblers in India because it provides a simple and convenient method of transactions on the online casino site. The service offers the highest level of security using two-factor authentication, fraud protection, and transaction encryption. The most important advantage is the presence of PayTM posts in every online casino.

  • Visa is a recognizable and popular financial provider that guarantees high security with data integrity. This is achieved by monitoring economic activity, checking payments, and authentication technology. Visa is often used in Indian casinos and allows you to deposit and withdraw money through online banking easily.

  • UPI - the Unified Payment Interface payment system facilitates the simplification of payment transactions from a bank account and provides reliable security of transactions using unique identifiers and PIN codes. In addition, the service is characterized by a high speed of payment processing, allowing you to deposit money and withdraw winnings.

  • MasterCard is a Visa-like payment system with an excellent reputation on the world stage and is widely used in Indian online casinos. Players receive transaction security through multi-level authentication to confirm payment transactions. MasterCard is also famous for its ability to make deposits and withdraw winnings.

  • PhonePe is an equally well-known payment tool that allows you to pay through the application in India. To increase the level of security, payments are made with a PIN code and biometric authentication. This service is distinguished by fast transactions with the ease of conducting them in an online casino.

Payment Methods for casinos

Play Aviator for Bitcoin and Crypto

Active Indian players can use more than just fiat money to play the Aviator game. Fans of excitement about crypto wallets will quickly pay for bets with digital money. This guarantees instant transactions for depositing or withdrawing funds, the anonymity of payments, and no commission on the site. You can use cryptocurrencies at many of the featured casinos, including:

Popular digital wallets are available on these sites, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, etc.

Crypto wallets for casinos

How to Hack or Cheat Aviator Game Online?

Some fan resources often discuss Spribe Aviator game tricks that help hack the game. However, our experts agree with the opinion of other iGaming industry experts who claim this arcade game cannot be hacked. The whole point is that the game works based on a closed code, access to which neither the player nor the owners of online casinos have entrance.

The uselessness of Aviator game tricks is also explained by the legality of the provider itself, which operates under a license. This means that the developers have closed any loopholes in the game to eliminate the impact on the arcade. In addition, the flight simulator uses arithmetic encryption, which we discussed in the algorithm section, excluding the possibility of using the Aviator casino game hack.

Tricks of Aviator game

Indian players may come across other Aviator game signals on forums or specialized sites. But these are just marketing ploys to sell your useless software. Be also careful because purchased Aviator game cheats and programs of this format can be dangerous, and we do not recommend using them. Such applications for Spribe Aviator prediction do exist, but they can harm your device and have nothing to do with the official version of the game.


We hope our information has helped players from India to understand the main advantages of the Aviator real money game. The most important feature is simplicity and the absence of complex rules that force players to think through complex structures and tactics. The game's dynamics are also important because the pause between rounds is no more than 3-5 seconds, which allows you to earn money quickly.

Another factor in the popularity of the Aviator game online is the atypical game scheme. There are no usual reels, lines, or symbols here, which further fuels the interest in the game. Add to this the license of the game provider, as well as the security of the game process, and you have a great way to have fun or relax after work with a chance to earn money. Remember that the multiplier often exceeds x100, which can bring impressive profits in India.


Why is the Aviator game so popular in India?

Because the game is quite simple and fast, does not require special skills and knowledge, and allows you to place minimum bets, earning big profits.

How does the Aviator game work?

The algorithm of the game works like:

  • At the beginning, the server generates a server seed (a random set of characters)

  • A hash is generated from the server seed

  • The players are assigned their seed and the server seed to get the total seed. It is he who influences the outcome of the draw.

  • The common seed is used to obtain the outcome of the aircraft's flight.

The server seed hash is sent to each gamer so that the player can check the honesty of the results because the server seed hash does not change and is known in advance.

How long are the game sessions for Aviator?

Often the game sessions of the game are short. Although sometimes, the flight of the aircraft brings the size of the coefficients to three-digit numbers. This only takes a few minutes.

Are there Aviator game slots?

No, this game is not typical without reels, paylines, or regular or unique symbols. It belongs to the category of arcade games.

Is the Aviator game safe?

Yes. The game provider is equipped with a license and certificates of a random number generator.

How to play an Aviator game?

You need to place a bet and watch the aircraft's flight, during which the bet multiplier increases. Players must withdraw money in time while the aircraft's flight is not yet over.

How to withdraw money from an Aviator game?

If you win, log in to your account, and on the Cashier tab, select Withdraw. Select payout amounts and confirm the transaction.

How to win in an Aviator game?

You need to withdraw money on time before the plane has flown away. For this, there are betting strategies and automatic play.

Can I deposit cryptocurrency in the Aviator game?

Yes. Many online casinos on our list accept cryptocurrency to play the Aviator game.

What are the most popular casino bonuses?

The most popular bonuses are the no deposit and welcome bonuses.

How do I download the Aviator app?

No way. The game itself cannot be downloaded separately. But you can install the application of one of the online casinos and play in it.

How do I predict the Aviator game?

To do this, we have compiled a section of game strategies that can increase the chances of winning.