On the 3rd of August twelve enthusiastic teams of sailors will cross the start line of the third edition of the SailBook Cup.  The race is open to all monohulls yachts, be it’s crew beginners or pros, that meet the regulations.

The Route

The Route

The contest provides a chance for all levels of sailors to race in the waters of the Baltic Sea. The route is over 500 miles long and takes the participants from Gdańsk  around Gotland, stopping off at Visby and back to Gdańsk. It is seen by many as the most challenging sailing competition in Poland as it is the longest of the countries long distance races.

SailBook.pl, the organisers of the race, see it as a great chance to showcase and promote the exciting sailing opportunities available on the Baltic Sea,which is why the race is part of the Southern Baltic Cup.

All participating yachts in the contest will be equipped with a Yellowbrick. They will transmit the vessels position, speed, direction and several other items of information every thirty minutes while competing.

The information and positions transmitted will be configured into a live map which will be situated on the SailBook website once the race has started. This means that supporters, organisers, friends and family will be able to follow the fleets and individual yacht progress throughout the competition.

For more information on the race please visit the official SailBook Cup website.


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