If you are hiring multiple Yellowbricks for an event, such as a yacht race or rally, then you get to make use of our class-leading web-based race viewer - click here for more details.

If you hire an individual Yellowbrick to track a one-off trip you get your own YBlog – a specific page, dedicated to you and your Yellowbrick. Track your adventure on the map – add blog entries to specific points on your route. Add photos, videos and other information – create your own interactive expedition diary.

With your own YBlog you can view your track, add photos and video, manage your tracker and more...

Should you choose the option, every Yellowbrick 3 has its own e-mail address, which will allow your friends and family to email short messages to your device whilst you have a Yellowbrick on hire. They will also receive messages that you send using the Yellowbrick – so you could have a full two-way short message conversation wherever you happen to be.

Add your own pictures to your blog articles, and your YBlog gallery

Each YBlog has an administration section, allowing you to customise it, manage your tracker, check on your account status and credit, and manage your blog.

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