Robust, Reliable, and Well Designed

Yellowbrick 3 has been designed to withstand the harshest of environments
And with our heritage in offshore yacht racing, you can be sure that
we’re not just saying that…!

Built to last

The Yellowbrick 3 is designed to be strong, robust, and never let you down. Reliable in
the most extreme conditions. Tested to IP-67 and MIL-810F/G standards. A piece of kit that you can rely on.

Lightweight power

At just over 300 grams, the Yellowbrick 3 is light. But it packs a punch. Over 2000 transmissions on a single battery charge. That’s over 80 days transmitting once an hour.

Charging ahead

You don’t get many power sockets in the wilderness. Cleverly designed to charge from a standard USB socket. Recharge on the move using car chargers, solar panels, and more.

The flexibility you need

Use the built in antennae, or attach an external GPS/Iridium antenna.
Now you can use it inside as well as outside.

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