Feature Packed

We listened to what you wanted from a tracking device, and it wasn’t
just a tracking device. You wanted something which told people
where you were, but also allowed you to communicate…

Keeping track

Yellowbrick 3 gets a GPS fix and transmits your position back to a website from
anywhere on Earth. Truly global coverage. Absolutely no dead spots. Now everyone
can follow you on your adventures.

Corporate users can access our premium back-office systems to manage fleets of devices.


Update your twitter account, send short emails and text messages. Whether you’re on the top of Everest, at the North Pole, or sitting in your garden.


You can pair your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet with the Yellowbrick 3. Use it to send longer emails and messages. Keep in touch from the ends of the Earth.


A dedicated alert button. When you press it, emails and SMS messages are sent to nominated contacts with your last known position.