Two-Way Communication

When you’re out of range of mobile networks, you can still keep in touch
using the Yellowbrick 3. SMS, E-mail and Social Media updates
from anywhere on Earth…

Going Solo

Yellowbrick 3 allows you to send short preset messages using the on-screen menus.

Choose from hundreds of canned messages and send them to friends and family via SMS, E-mail or social media. Receive their replies, wherever you are.

Bluetooth Power

Using your favourite Bluetooth smartphone or tablet you can send more complex free text messages, and use the Yellowbrick 3
as your global messsaging companion.

Apps are available for both and Andriod and Apple devices allowing two-way messages up to 1000 characters in length.

E-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter… No problem.

Address Book

Sending a message to someone’s mobile via SMS, or an email is easy. Just choose them from the address book, type your message, and off it goes.

Other Data

Via Bluetooth or USB the Yellowbrick 3 can also accept and send custom data back from a number of devices.

If you have a specific requirement for getting remote data back, get in touch.

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