Unrivalled Battery Life

The last thing you need is for your battery to run out. Especially when
you’re half-way up Everest, skiing to the North Pole, or rowing
across the Atlantic.

Best in Class

In remote places there aren’t too many power sockets. That’s why we designed the Yellowbrick 3 to have double the power of its nearest competitors.

More than 2000 position reports from a single charge. That’s nearly 3 months of hourly tracking!

Charging Options

You can charge the Yellowbrick 3 from the mains, from solar panels, from car adapters,
and from many other after-market power solutions such as PowerMonkeys. 

Using a standard mini-USB port gives you the flexibility to use your existing power kit and
cables saving valuable weight and space when packing for your expedition.

Permanent Installs

As well as running from its own internal battery, the Yellowbrick 3 can also run from mains power from 9v to 24v.

Should the power fail, it will continue on battery seamlessly.

Knowledge is Power

Every time the Yellowbrick 3 sends a message or position report, it also reports its battery status. Useful to know for safety purposes.

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