Proven Reliability

Certified to the highest standards, both for consumer and corporate applications.
Used and trusted by professionals across the world.
Don’t settle for less.


The Yellowbrick 3 is tested to IP-67 which means it can survive underwater for at least 30 minutes at a depth of 1m.

But don’t just take our word for it – Tried and tested on the biggest round the world yacht races, months of constant battering and submersion from the worst conditions the ocean could manage.

MIL 810(G) Spec

The military demand the best quality, and the highest reliability. The Yellowbrick 3 is certified as MIL 810(G) spec - a demanding barrage of tests involving vibration, repeated drop testing, humidity and temperature extremes.

You can be sure that your Yellowbrick can survive the worst you can put it through.

Iridium Approved

To wear the badge ‘Iridium Connected’ our unit has to be independently certified by Iridium to ensure its reliable
operation and excellent performance.

Real World Testing

Certifications and Approvals are all well and good, but nothing is better than real world testing from our many happy customers.

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