There are a number of accessories that can be purchased for the Yellowbrick, depending on your application. Available accessories are:

  • Universal Quick Release Mount - ideal for permanent mounts on-board yachts, vehicles or other installations. A secure fixing is attached to a rail, wall or any RAM-compatible mounting solution. A thin bracket is added to the back of the Yellowbrick. This then allows the Yellowbrick to be securely fixed in place, but also safely detach from its mount when required.
  • Flexible Power Supply – an IP67 (waterproof) power supply unit, to allow your Yellowbrick to run on a permanent power supply. The Yellowbrick will charge when power is present, and will run on its battery when power is not applied. Designed to run on any DC power supply from 9v to 30v, ideal for yachts and vehicles and use with the Quick Release Mount.
  • Soft Pouch – Ideal for temporary mounting, with two very strong velcro straps for attachment to rails, backpacks, belts etc. The pouch also has a number of cable tie points for more difficult attachments. With a short bungee restraining-strap to allow use of the Yellowbrick outside the pouch without worry that it will be dropped or lost

The Yellowbrick v3 Universal Quick Release Mount - RAM Mount Compatible


Run from internal batteries, or permanently power using the Flexible Power Supply - from 9v to 30v

A soft pouch to protect the Yellowbrick 3, with velcro straps and restraining bungee cord

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