When you hire multiple Yellowbricks, we provide the Yellowbrick race viewer free of charge for your event.

The Yellowbrick race viewer is a web-based system which provides up to the minute information on the position of all the trackers in the event, information about the competitors (whether they be yachts, boats or people) and a leaderboarding facility.

Class Leading Web-Based Race Viewer and Leaderboarding

Our race viewer allows for:

  • Multiple groups, or classes of competitor (yacht/vehicle/person)
  • Display of waypoints, markers and rhum line
  • Historic tracks, as well as the current locations of trackers
  • Full replay facility
  • Display of speed and course for each tracker
  • Display of country flag, driver/skipper name and/or team name
  • Link to individual competitor blog, if provided
  • Small image of each competitor, if provided

The race viewer also links into twitter, and can retrieve and display all of the social media commentary about your race as it happens.

For techies, we can also provide a direct XML feed of data from our trackers if you have your own viewer or require access directly to the data.

For more information, or to get a quote to hire trackers for your race or rally, get in touch!

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