As well as providing easy-to-use tracking systems for consumer purposes, we also provide professional fleet management and lone worker monitoring systems for corporates and government agencies.

The Yellowbrick Two-Way Messenger is a truly global communication device and tracking system. – It is ideal for remote security teams, and will allow you to:

  • Track the location of your personnel
  • Communicate with them directly, without reliance on ship systems or mobile coverage
  • Receive alarms if a team presses the alert button, or fails to check-in

Competitively priced from £499 + VAT per unit, with a £15 per month line-rental plus transmission costs, it is a lightweight, rugged handheld device which uses the Iridium satellite network to transmit your messages, and your location, from anywhere in the World.

For more information on the Yellowbrick unit, please click here, or get in touch!

Download the PDF datasheet

The Yellowbrick v3 unit - Handheld Global Tracker and Messenger



• 4-button keypad plus specific ‘alert’ button
• Bright OLED screen for information display
• Full 2-way communication system
• Over-the-air reconfiguration of key parameters
• USB connection for charging and for data transfer
• Truly Global Operation, using the Iridium satellite network
• Long battery life (over 2000 transmissions on a single charge)

Two-Way Messaging, send emails and SMS using the device, and/or a paired smartphone/tablet

Complete Security Solution

End to End Control – We do not use any third party software or hardware and have complete control over all aspects of the service both on the device and online. This allows us to deliver exactly what is required while still being extremely competitive on price.

Well tested system – Our trackers and online software have been tested thoroughly for the last 4 years in extreme offshore environments with fleets of up to 250 vessels.

Advanced messaging – Via a bluetooth connected smartphone or tablet you can send emails and text messages from anywhere on the planet with easily configurable accounts allowing personal use to be charged to the individual if required.

View position reports from your devices, as well as POIs which your teams have reported

Bespoke Fleet Management software – Has been created to allow you complete control over your devices in the field, allowing you to change the behaviour and manage their trackers remotely.

• Remotely control the frequency of position reports.
• Define geographical alerts and waypoints
• Allows multiple contacts with varying levels of access.
• Control over Yellowbricks at both a fleet and individual level
• Sends alerts and messages from the tracker to contacts via email and SMS.
• Provides two-way communication with the Yellowbrick

For more information on the Yellowbrick unit, please click here, or get in touch!

Download the PDF datasheet

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