How do I find a boat on the map?

If you load up your race, click the ‘Teams’ button, and then you can see the boat names in alphabetical order. If you can’t find the boat you are looking for, it might be you are looking at the wrong division/group. Click the ‘Groups’ button on the top right, and choose the right group.

Touching the name of the boat should then take you to the boat on the map.

How often does the data update?

The data shown in the app is as up-to-date as we know. For different races, trackers may transmit at different times – for example, most races will update every 30 minutes, or for longer races once every hour or two. The mobile app will show the latest data we have at all times.

Can I replay the race?

Yes – once all the data has loaded, a scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the map. Clicking and dragging this will move you backwards and forwards through time, so you can replay the race and see the boats move.

Why do you charge for races on the app?

We charge for races on the mobile app because it is provided as a convenience. Anyone can follow the race online, free of charge. If you want to follow on a mobile device on the app, then we believe it is reasonable to charge a small fee. This fee is split between Google/Apple, the race organiser, and Yellowbrick


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