Are you planning a madcap trip around the globe on a bike/uni-cycle/raft ? Perhaps you’re attempting a world record, maybe a mode of transport never seen before… if you need to keep people up to date with your progress, you need a Yellowbrick.

The Yellowbrick is a well-proven, self-contained, fully-automatic satellite tracking and messaging device. It will accurately report its position, and send messages, from anywhere on Earth, including polar, ocean and desert regions. It is lightweight, waterproof and built to withstand extreme environments.

Nigel cycled from the southernmost point of Australia to the northernmost point with one of our original Yellowbrick v1 units

The live web-based map helped friends and family keep up to date with his progress every day, as well as giving a link to donate to charity

Yellowbrick improves media relations and generates public interest in remote events. We provide you with a live web-based map, which updates automatically every time we get a position from the Yellowbrick. This can be linked to, or integrated directly into your website.

Yellowbrick is available to rent or purchase for individual use. Our pricing is fully inclusive of satellite fees and the web-based map. In general, if you are looking to rent a unit for more than 2 months then it would be more economical for you to purchase a unit.

In order for us to provide you with a quote, please e-mail us with the following details:

  • How many units you need
  • How often you would like to get a position report (e.g. every 15 mins / every 2 hours etc.)
  • What dates do you need the unit(s) from and to

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