The Yellowbrick Air Tracker is a well-proven, self-contained and fully-automatic satellite tracking device. It will accurately report the position of a aircraft anywhere in the world. It is lightweight, easy to install and reliable.

Yellowbrick improves media relations and generates public interest in airsports events.

We particularly specialise in gliding competitions, and have covered a large number of these over the last 3 years. Participants no longer disappear over the horizon and out of the public eye.

Their progress is constantly watched, the race action visualised in near real-time, in 3D, providing valuable information to event organisers as well as creating online sponsorship opportunities. The race is also broadcast to the internet audience at home, with commentary and live leaderboard.

The tracker does not need to be connected to the aircraft’s power supply, making it simple and fast to install. It’s own battery can last for around 10 hours transmitting a position every 5 seconds.

The Yellowbrick Air is available to rent for event use. Our pricing is fully inclusive of Iridium satellite fees, internet broadcast for spectators, on-site crew for management and installation etc. Please get in touch for more information, and to obtain a price for your event.

Below you can see some screenshots from our online presentation software (all web based, using Google Earth) and pictures of the Yellowbrick Air itself

Above image: Typical race view, showing live 3D animated gliders, advertising options for sponsors

Above image: can display pre-recorded video footage in web race viewer

Above image: can show advertiser videos before, after and during race presentation

Above image: The Yellowbrick Air, 400 grams, separate antennae so the main unit can be placed anywhere

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